Captain Todd 11/23/2014
hi guys Would love to see your legacy out in the Cruising world by assisting others with your data & experiences. Did you maintain a log book. We are looking for accurate Lat, Long & Depth for Anchorages? Check out a new website called Its a Free Crowd Sourced sharing platform for navigation information. I shared 198 anchorages from my 78' Nordhavn USA East Coast & across the South Pacific. Wish I had access to this info before venturing out as it is so hard to access accurate & quality info in many parts of the world. They plug in 72 hour weather & a bunch of features for each anchorage share by fellow mariners. Its pretty cool & did I mention it's FREE would love to see your anchorages & experiences shared for others to benefit from. I consider it my legacy & would love to have your log book data to share. Happy to enter it for you under your user name. Cheers Captain Todd
jure 4/29/2014
hi, my name is jure and i have a question. is it eliana gonna be for sale in cupple of years
David 7/29/2013
Hi Rick, Thanks for your comment below regarding your decision to go back to the land. In the mean time, I see that you were running MaxSea on an Apple iMac. How did you do that? I don't see them offering an OSX version. Did you use virtual emulation or boot camp or?? If you go back to boating, and if you chose a new Nordhavn again, what would you do differently...? Thanks
Alan Muskett 7/20/2013
Rick--I am a surgeon about 5-6 years from retirement--I have fantasized about such a boat or a journey such as yours--yet you returned to the game. Help understand the process--did you miss the involvement, the sense of purpose, was it God's calling--what changed for you? I would greatly appreciate some insights. Hi Alan, I think you guessed it fairly close. The business I founded was struggling under different management. One often dreams the possibility of simply handing off life's work to another, then pursue other interests. In my case, the urge to nurse the company back to health trumped my new vocation. Both are a deep passion, and I would have given anything to not have had to make a choice. Now that it's made, I'm committed for the foreseeable future. Thanks for asking! Rick
Roger Nordquest 9/29/2012
Rick, I will certainly miss your witness and your writing style. This blog was a joy to see and read. Visually, it's one of the easiest on my eyes that I've seen. I had been considering a 68 until you opened my eyes with Eliana whereupon I thought of a sister ship. Now the original is available. If you can lead me to a company(s) that needs 5000 business phone lines for $20 each per month, you'll have your boat sold in no time. Thanks, Roger
Wendy Pederson 9/26/2012
SUBJECT: Untitled Rick and Debbie, I just talked with Marci Reist about the meal that we are going to have. Last chance, , , are you guys around October 19, 20 or 26, 27??? Call me crazy, but I just had to give it one more shot! Wendy Pederson Pederson Seed & Services
Kyle 9/21/2012
Eliana is now up for sale. It has a listed price of $3,950,000. A steal for an incredible yacht that has obviously been maintained at the highest level, not to mention how it was configured by the current owners, Rick & Debbie. Come on powerball. haha
Mark 9/19/2012
Rick & Debbie - since our dinner in San Francisco just a year ago, we have been diligently working towards the goal you inspired for us - ONE KEY. We are 4 keys away from one key and the time is near. Hope our paths cross again soon. Mark & Christine m/v Gray Matter N6206
Wendy Pederson 9/17/2012
SUBJECT: Untitled Rick and Debbie, I am trying to reach you guys. Could you send your email or a phone number? Thanks! Wendy Pederson Pederson Seed & Services
Analia 9/17/2012
We enjoyed travelling with you and Debbie by this blog.. the places, the people..the histories. Tks for sharing with us, the best for this new turn on both lives. We will be patient for Eliana's return. Rgds. Analia
Jeann Gardner 9/16/2012
This was such a sad post for me. My husband and I have been following your blog for a long time and have learned so much. ( I especially enjoyed the post of how you clean your boat.) We are Nordhavn Planners and can't wait until our time comes to own a Nordhavn. I understand your call to resurrect your former company and we wish you and Debbie much success and a return to the sea one day.
Dear Rick, Good luck on your new venture. I, for one, will miss the beautiful and interesting e-mails, pictures and "history lessons" you have provided. I am Dan Shank's Aunt Peggy. That is how I became interested in your adventures and have been a faithful viewer, forwarding your e-mails to our children and some grandchildren. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life and we wish you well. I have said many times, your life on the Eliana was a Heaven on Earth experience. If life takes you back on the water, please include us once again. With blessings and good fortune, Peggy Hipskind
Thank you so much for taking the time to take me and so many others along for a ride of a lifetime. Thanks to a tip from Ken Williams, I have followed you from you first post and have looked forward to each post. For those of us in land locked America, we have been able to live a life on the water through your blog and emails. Many of us dream of doing what you were able to do. Thank you for sharing. I wish the very best to you and your family on your next adventure. I will keep an eye out for your return to Eliana. Fresno Fred
Ann Miller 9/15/2012
Oh my goodness...back to the working world...and in Canada no less! From one big adventure to the next...Dean and I have enjoyed reading your blog and living those experiences vicariously through you...we'll miss that! Good luck to you both...keep us posted on your life happenings through facebook, Debbie!
Ken Williams 9/15/2012
Rick, I'm happy for you, if this is good news, but sad for all of us who took such great pleasure in reading your blog. Be careful in the world of business. I've been in big corporations, and I've been in the middle of the Pacific, and you can guess where I've seen the most sharks. Oh well. If one retirement is good, wouldn't two be twice as good? I look forward to welcoming you back to the world of boating someday! -Ken Williams N6805, Sans Souci
Dear Rick and Debbie, Life sure does take surprising turns, even U-turns! Jon and I wish to thank you for your kind assistance at the beginning of our Nordhavn dream. We are currently in North Carolina with Steve D'Antonio going over 68-19 specifying our wish list. We can only express our surprise at your decision to change tracks but wish you every success in bringing the company back to profit. Through your blog, you developed a fantastic resource for those of us building our vessel, you have shown us what is possible. Debbie I imagine for you both being closer to family and grandchildren again will be wonderful. We wish you both success and happiness. I guess it's going to be hard work Rick, but there is nothing like a challenge!! We hope we have an opportunity to cross paths again, perhaps once 68-30 is complete you will share a cruise together! Very warm wishes and hugs to you both, Sue and Jon. (PS There is always a guest room for you in Port Douglas!)
Dear Rick and Debbie, Thank you very much for this E mail and congratulations on your appointment as President of Hemisphere GPS. I must admit to being very disappointed that the journeys of Eliana will be suspended for a little while as they have given Anne and I great pleasure in following them. Particularly, your frank discussion of the practicalities and challengers of running a large cruiser. We have spent much time discussing your blog entries and viewing your video clips. Simple things like how Debbie places the cloth under the kitchen pots when using them so they don’t slide on the benches and the amount of washing down Eliana requires. The expenditures you detailed and even the photos of the lubricants you purchased gave me an insight to the amount of preparation this type of voyage requires. Debbie, I must admit Anne has watched that clip of “As time slow fleets by” with horror and trepidation wondering how a fellow farm girl like yourself could ever do it. We are still quite a few years away from being able to do something similar ourselves (Anne hopes never), but our entire imagery of what is involved has changed dramatically thanks to your generous efforts. On a different note, I am amazed greatly by the courage, honesty and openness you both have exhibited in sharing these accounts, I was beginning to despair that such honest and forthright people with such strong values were starting to disappear from this planet. You have been a huge encouragement to me not only in regards the voyages of Eliana but also the course you have charted for your own lives. Thank you once again and we look forward to hearing more about Elaina when circumstances once again permit her to set sail. Kind Regards, Tim and Anne Smith
Rick and Debbie; You don't know me, as I have not communicated through your blog during your adventures at sea. I have followed, as if in a small dighy tailing your craft, your stories as they land in my in-box. I have always loved the ocean; I'm a SCUBA diver; and your stories just enhance my dream of acquiring a vessel (40 - 50 foot trawler) to take my parents out as they become slower to move around, and to take my family on adventures on our B.C. coastline. I don't even recall how I came upon your Blog...and now it seems, for now, to have come to an end. I wish you and your family great blessings in your adventures in Calgary. Take care. Russ Furse
Congratulations Rick – what a wonderful opportunity and testament to your ability and the esteem that you are held in professionally. As a Nordhavn lover from Australia living vicariously through you, please don't sell Eliana! I was devastated when Marcus Blackmore sold Ammonite! I saw the stunning Eliana in Puerto Vallarta in January 2011 which is how I find your website. Take 5 was there at the same time and I was lucky enough to meet Katie Ritto and her captain. It was a chance but pivotal meeting, and Katie’s story never ceases to remind me Time is slowly fleeting (I must have watched your beautiful video 100 times!) and I'm betting you'll be ready to return to your adventures in 3 – 5 years and am certain Eliana will just get better with age. Thank you for the privilege of being able to share your adventures. Warm regards, Kate
Rick and Debbie: To hold in your hands and your heart the beautiful memories of Eliana is something that treasure cannot replace. Those of us who have followed your journey, not just on the boat but in your life, are with you in your new endeavors. Despite time and distance, know that you have a community that cares. Please keep in touch. Warm regards... Patti
Dear Rick and Debbie, WOW, WOW, WOW. This posting brought tears to my eyes. I understand it is a great opportunity for you to return to your other passion, so my heartfelt and sincere congratulations go out to you! I guess I feel sad that this journey you have undertaken is coming to an end, for now at least. You, Debbie and Eliana have been so inspiring to me, and I remain honored to have been involved in a tiny part of this saga. I guess it is up to me to follow and take my own journey, best I can, with my vessel. I'm so glad to have your experience to guide and drive me forward. No doubt, many others have been inspired by what you have done. I think you and Debbie must realize how much you have positively touched the lives of those you have met during your journey with Eliana. Beautiful vessel, beautiful and sincere people, epic journey, true American Spirit! All the best to you and Debbie as you enter this new chapter, Rick. Maybe our paths will cross again in Seattle! Tom and Gromit
Believe it or not I have been checking my Eliana position link almost every day since you went to Hawaii. When I saw the boat moving across and then in Seattle, and yet saw no post about the voyage, I suspected that something must be up. While I am saddened that I will no longer get to experience all your experiences through your posts I can tell that this is indeed an opportunity that you cannot pass up. I will forever hold special the short time that you allowed me to be a small part of the Eliana experience. Good luck in your future endeavors. I know you will succeed at whatever you attempt. I follow boats all over the world. Here is a posting from a guy that was circumnavigating Vancouver Island and had an interesting encounter with a whale. That would have been a very different experience with Eliana, weighing in at over 200,000 lbs. Please give my heartfelt regards to Debbie. If you ever find yourself coming through Ketchikan I hope you will give me a call. Mike
I’m sorry to hear you have put your sea life on hold but I am happy to hear you are back in the ag industry as that is my background. It has been fun living vicariously through your blog. Best of luck to you and Debbie in your new role. Laurence Kolar
Margie Edgar 9/15/2012
Even though we have never met I am so appreciative of the way you learned and then shared your adventure. It stands to reason that new challenges would be drawn into your life. if you did nothing else I can attest that you lifted spirits of those of us who dream of adventures in boating. being a sailor I still am impressed how a power boater was so methodical in caring for the vessel and learning systems, weather and safety issues. I will miss your posts for now, however, I'd bet that there will be more in the future. Good luck to you and Debbie with your new challenges.
Cliff 9/15/2012
Thank's for your blog entries that I have so much enjoyed from the very first one. I wish you all the best in your new adventure and hope that one day in the future you will again take up the cruising life.
I'm sitting here reading this...goose bumps all over even though it has absolutely nothing to do with me. I'm glad it wasn't something family related on a bad note that ended your cruising days. Perhaps in a while you can pick up where you left off and cruise the world as planned. Good luck in your new job. God Bless and God speed.
Cedric Rhoads 9/14/2012
Rick, We've enjoyed your thoughtful and thorough prose since Day One of the Eliana blog. We will sorely miss your posts, and your consistent patience and dedication in responding to reader's posts. We feel that we've been along with your and Debs every step of the way. It's been a great ride. We're both thrilled for your new opportunity. Life is wonderful when you're following your passions and from your description of this new post, it would appear that this is precisely what you've found. It has to be great to leave Eliana, right? If you're going to sell E, there will no doubt be many candidates for purchase given here exquisite decor (still one of our favorites, by far) and meticulous care. Had we the means, we'd front the line for sure. I'll miss exchanging tech with you and hope for your return, yet know that you're enjoying your passion. Enjoy Calgary; it's a gorgeous city with even more beautiful surrounding area. Best to you both. Cedric and Stefani
Eric Roach 9/14/2012
Rick, I have greatly enjoyed your posts. Since you are calling this the last blog post, is that to imply that the boat is being sold?
Kyle 9/14/2012
Congrat's on the new position Rick. I just want to know when Eliana is going on the market and for how much? I'm feeling pretty good about the $125 million powerball tomorrow night.
Karen 9/14/2012
Congratulations on your new position. I will miss your posts from beautiful Eliana and hope that when the time is right you will be out on the water again.