What's In A Name?


Family, Faith and Then Some!

We’re asked all the time about the name Eliana (pronounced el-ee-ah-nah).  Privately, we thought it needed to reflect a spiritual meaning.  It needed to be easily understood during radio communications and clearly read through binoculars.  If that’s not enough, we wanted to express our love of family.  Boats are usually referred to in the female context, and heaven knows we have been blessed with our girls!

We chose the name Eliana as a combination of our first two granddaughter’s names, Anna and Elisa.  Eliana is a recently popular female name and is easy to pronounce and read.  

In Hebrew, Eliana means “God Answers”.  So we thought, that’s pretty cool that the combination of our first two granddaughter's names would be “God Answers” (prayer).

Sometime we’ll share more about the journey ahead, but for now let’s say that we’ll be venturing into the unknown to some degree.  Not sure what opportunities will come, but as a dear friend commented recently .... “You have 1,000 divine appointments ahead of you.”  

Faith is important so we decided to incorporate God in our logo.  We added a circle, bigger than Eliana, representing God’s presence and fire representing eternal life.  The three flames represent the trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The light of the flame represents God’s illumination of the path ahead.

The logo will be displayed on either side of the flybridge and on the transom.  The transom will also include the hailing port which is planned to be Kansas City.  This is also symbolic since it represents our home which in our minds is both Kansas and Kansas City.

We’ve been asked about baby Charlotte since we now have three granddaughters and only two are in the name.  We can’t think of a way to incorporate Charlotte into the name, but we do have another boat on board.  It’s a 15’ tender which serves as our shore boat.  We call the small boat “SWEET CHARLOTTE”.  We’ll have a lot of good memories with her as well.